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About us

Client’ contentment depends on many factors: high quality, fulfilling deadlines and competitive prices. We may say that we accomplish these factors to have clients who will continue to print in Polyesterday.

Polyesterday offers wide range of services in order to meet traditional and promotional clients’ needs.

This wide range of products also includes making of materials in several departments:

  1. Digital printing department and Offset printing department;

  2. Wide and super-wide format printing department, with under department locksmith and production of lighting signs;

  3. Textile printing department

  4. Billing department (processing variable data, printing and inserting)


Most of Polyesterday’ clients are companies that must follow certain graphic standards in the production of printed materials. During our 20-th year of working with clients, we have confronted different challenges. Thanks to the technology and acknowledgment, we have successfully realized all projects and therefore we have made loyal customers.

A proof of our successful working is the prestigious award for Entrepreneur of the year 2009-th and 2011-th awarded to Polyesterday’ owner, Filip Spasovski.


Polyesterday is a company founded 20ty years ago, in 1998 from the part of Filip Spasovski, a visionary who has been driven by the challenge to implement the modern print technologies in Macedonia. Over the years, Polyesterday has become a leading printing center in the region and from 2017-th it is the first center with an online platform for online orders.  The implementation of the digital technology in the printing industry, Polyesterday’ management observes as an opportunity for further up growth. Investing in digital technology has led Polyesterday since its beginnings to become competitive company which offers high quality products and distinguished delivery deadlines. By the use of digital technology and incorporation of appropriately educated personnel in the business process, Polyesterday has become undeniable leader in digital printing in Macedonia. The successful story and the lust for up growth and expansion contributed Polyesterday to enlarge its capacities in Belgrade, Serbia. The conception that “Everything that can become digital, will become digital” gives Polyesterday motive for investing, up growing and flourishing in the sphere of digital printing and printing technologies.

The company today

Today, Polyesterday is one of the greatest printing centers in the region. The production is located in the industrial zone Vizbegovo and it spreads on 5600 m² area, with a number of 160 employees who work in three shifts in order to be approachable for the great number of clients. In 2018-th Polyesterday’ plan is to expand its production with a brand new production department of 6400 m², wherewith the total area of production capacities will be 12000 m².

Corporative values

Company’ goals: respect towards people and environment, shared and beyond despite value in building relationships or entrepreneuring.

Company’ values: innovation, quality, competition and technology.

Quality policy and customer care

The certificates implemented in the production process are as follows:

  • ISO9001 Quality management

  • ISO14001 Environmental management system

  • ISO27001 Information security management – in the process of implementation

  • ISO 45001:2018 specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, and gives guidance for its use, to enable organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injury and ill health, as well as by proactively improving its OH&S performance.

The main goal of our company is environmental care. Polyesterday is dedicated to constant improvement of ecological performances in all phases of business planning, up growth and production. These are several reasons why Polyesterday is oriented towards environmental care:

Polyesterday uses water-based colors

Polyesterday recycles old paper, toners and oils

Organic compounds that do not evaporates

Polyesterday uses 100% recycled paper in the printing of the materials

Polyesterday has an elaboration for environment protection issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.

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