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Polyesterday undoubtedly is simple and effective system when it comes to printing. Business cards, magazines, flags, cardboard displays, banners… With only one click, clients can look over the vast spectrum of products presented in our virtual exhibition showcase. The delivery deadline is within 24-72 hours depending on the quantity and complexity of the ordered materials. The constant technological progress enables already existing products in the catalogue to change and improve constantly so that clients will always have the best choice offered. is an online platform designed by a team of IT engineers and together with the Polyesterday’ online site, it is designed to make it easier for those who want to make an online order.

Each product has a manual that is practical and simple for usage and will help clients to select the requested materials in only few cliques. Additionally our pre-press operators double-check the files and remove all anomalies that may contribute to low quality printed product. 

We are dedicated to the quality policy in each segment of our working. All the activities we perform are in accordance to the high quality procedures in order to achieve results pursuant to our clients’ requests and expectations.

Polyesterday is dedicated to continuous improvement of quality performances. Starting from the first contact with the client up to the design, printing, finishing and delivery, Polyesterday provides high quality product that has been carefully checked and dispatched.

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